10 Fruits That Can Help You To Lose Weight Better

An excellent strategy to lose weight and lose belly is daily eaten fruits that help weight loss by its low-calorie, high content of fibers and some of them by their diuretic effects, some examples are Strawberry, pear, and pineapple.

Generally, we recommend the consumption of 2 different fruits per day minimum, follow a diet low in calories with regular physical activity, such for example: walks at least three times per week for 1 hour. In this way increases the metabolism and the body begins to burn the calories that are accumulated in the form of fat promoting weight loss. See all the benefits of walking.

1 Strawberry

Strawberry helps to lose weight because it contains few calories and besides this is rich in iron and vitamin C, being a tremendous anti-inflammatory natural.

2 Banana

Rich in tryptophan, takes away the desire for sweets and feed the hunger. The number of calories depends on the type and the size of the banana. The banana when it is consumed before the physical exercise decreases the risk of being rich in potassium cramps. It is also excellent for breakfast because it reduces hunger throughout the day. A superb dessert is the banana roast or oven or in the microwave with some nails of India.

3 Apple

Apple helps to lose weight because it is rich in antioxidants by regulating the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as aid in digestion. Apple roasted with cinnamon or clove of India contains few calories and a dessert delicious and nutritious. Learn about all the benefits of Apple.


PEAR helps to lose weight by being rich in fibers, improving intestinal transit and helping to satiate hunger. It helps to regulate the levels of cholesterol in the blood. Roast the pears with cinnamon makes it a delicious dessert for lunch.

5 pin

It contains few calories and is diuretic to help combat fluid retention. It also helps to regulate blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure. It is considered an aphrodisiac fruit.

6 kiwi

Among the benefits of kiwifruit are treat constipation, has a high ability to satiate the appetite and is rich in vitamin C and is a diuretic.

7 papaya

Diuretic and rich in fibers, it facilitates the Elimination of feces and combats the swollen belly. Papaya is good for help in the control of diabetes and relieves the symptoms of gastritis. A slice of papaya with 1 portico of yogurt is an excellent choice for a morning snack.

8 lemon

It is diuretic, rich in vitamin C and a potent antioxidant, helping to eliminate toxins and leave the skin more viscous. Take a cup of tea with lemon peel daily is a great way to consume sugar-free lemon and take advantage of all its benefits.

Lemon also helps to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar. Learn more at how the lemon helps to lose weight.

9 Mandarin

Tangerine helps to lose weight because it is rich in water and fibers, as well as being a little calorie. This fruit is rich in vitamin C, which helps the absorption of iron in the intestine to strengthen the immune system. Its fibers improve the intestinal transit, reduce intake of fat and help to control blood glucose.

10 Pineapple

Pineapple helps to lose weight because it is rich in water and vitamin C. Pineapple fights water retention and leaves the slimmer waist to people who don’t like the taste pineapple acid can try it roasted in the oven with a stick of cinnamon.

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