7 Healthy Foods to Eat at Night to Reduce Weight

healthy foods to eat at night to reduce weight

It is late night and you are feeling hungry, this is because you had a rough day at work and didn’t get time to eat healthy food the whole day. Instead of eating healthy food, you ordered a fish fillet burger from your favorite eatery and now are wondering what to eat.

The problem is that you want to eat healthy food that will not only make you full, but will also be healthy and effective in reducing weight. Which foods should you eat to reduce weight, especially at night? And which are the best foods to eat before bed to lose weight?

Here We Present You 7 Healthy Foods to Eat at Night to Reduce Weight.

Whole Eggs

Although whole eggs were once thought to increase cholesterol level in the body, they have quelled that fear. Studies on whole eggs indicate that they don’t cause high blood pressure and are not a cause behind high cholesterol levels.

Not only that, whole eggs are one of the best foods to eat at night if you are planning to reduce weight. This is because these whole eggs are rich in protein and healthy fats.

Whole eggs can make you feel full without any weight gain too. According to a study on overweight women, it was found out that eating eggs made their hunger satiated and also increased weight loss as compared to when they ate bagels which resulted in them gaining weight.


Types of fish such as salmon are extremely effective for weight loss, and one of the best 7 healthy foods to eat at night to reduce weight. This is because salmon contains high-quality protein and healthy fats as well as important nutrients to keep you full at night.

Salmon, like other fishes, contain ample amount of iodine that is a vital nutrient for keeping energy levels high in the body while sleeping.

Iodine in salmon is also necessary for the proper functioning of thyroid, which is important in maintaining the metabolism health of the body, helping to keep your metabolism running optimally.

In addition, salmon is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids which have been reported to help reduce inflammation, and reduce the chances of fat buildup in the body. Due to these benefits, salmon is amongst the best foods to eat a night to reduce weight.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are one of the best foods to eat at night if you are feeling hungry but want a healthy diet to reduce weight. The answer to the question of “what food to eat at night before bed to lose weight” lies in these leafy vegetables as they contain a major amount of protein and iron.

Not only that, these green leafy vegetables have a good combination of fiber, protein, iron and essential minerals to provide you nutrients and keep you energized at night. They are highly nutritious foods that will not only ward off hunger pangs at night but will also keep from gaining weight.

Lean Beef and Chicken

Although meat has been blamed many times and is thought of being associated with causing high blood pressure, meat is one of the best foods to eat at night to reduce weight.

According to the studies carried out on red meat, it has been found that unprocessed red meat is not the cause of heart diseases and diabetes. In fact, meat is weight-loss friendly food as it is extremely high in proteins and can constitute 80-100 calories.

Studies have also shown that eating lean beef and chicken before bed helps to lose weight as increasing the protein intake can cut your food cravings at night by 25-30%.

This means that the desire to eat at night reduces by half, causing weight loss of almost 1 pound per week—enough to keep you in shape. So if you are on low-carb diet, lean meat and chicken is one of the most effective and healthy foods to eat to fight those late night cravings.

Beans and Legumes

Among the 7 healthy foods to eat at night to reduce weight, beans and legumes are one of the most effective ones. Some beans and legumes such as lentils, black beans, kidney beans and some other legumes contain high protein and are rich in fiber that is essential for reducing the hunger pangs.

These beans, being rich source of protein have also been found to reduce body fat, while reducing the urge to eat, especially at night when people feel hungry and are looking for something to eat.


Avocados are unique fruit and a very effective one for satiating the hunger pangs at night. This is because avocados are high in mono-saturated oleic acids, the same type of fats that are found in olive oil.

Although avocados contain more fat than fiber, unlike other fruits, it is extremely nutritious and contain a lot of water, helping you to keep hydrated at night.

They are perfect for use in salads as studies have shown that adding them in salads can increase the nutrients uptake by 20 times more. All of these amazing properties make avocados one of the best foods to eat at night to reduce weight.

Due to having more fat in it, avocados are handy to eat at night when a person is feeling hungry and want something healthy to eat.

Green Tea

Finally, green tea is among the foods that answer the question of what food to eat at night before bed to lose weight. Green tea has innumerable benefits and is widely known to reduce weight.

This is because green tea contains active anti-oxidants that act on the fat cells in the body, reducing their size while providing energy too. Green tea is also known to improve cardiovascular health, providing relief against any internal infection.

Sipping a cup of green tea at night before bed will not only aid in weight loss, its nutrients will also stimulate sleep, helping you to have a sound sleep.


No matter what food you eat night to reduce hunger, it is important that these foods do not cause obesity or else the heavy foods can give more harm than good by increasing weight instead of losing it.

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