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Rejuvenation of the face without botox and operations! The way is available to everyone!

The natural desire of every woman is to be beautiful. I will not be very mistaken if I say that for us beauty – it is at least 30% of the success in life. Minimum! And I’m not going to go wrong if I say the woman is always bound to be beautiful. And when she searches for her second mate, and when she has enjoyed with her husband several decades. For the second – for me, this is an undeniable truth that I have not taken into account until now. And that hardly hit my personal life.


My result of facial rejuvenation without botox and surgery.

A little background

My name is Olga Karapethyan, 41 years old, I live in Varna, I work as an administrator at a hotel. Married, she gave birth to a daughter. Now, at age 20, she is her mother, and I am a grandmother. My status was calm, my grandmother, that means my child also has a child. But I did not consider him old, moreover, as an appearance.

But, as with all southern women, my skin quickly began to age. Wrinkles appeared on my face. At first it was like a barely visible net, but later the mesh quickly grew, especially around the eyes. The skin itself became in some pits and it was already visually visible that she relaxed.

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Because of my skin problems, family problems started. Somewhat imperceptibly, the heat between me and my husband disappeared, and there were all sorts of vertiginous confrontations, and then a few big bits that broke out before we did not exist between us.

The reasons were different. But with my heart, I realized that, after all, the reason was one – my husband had lost my interest in me as a woman. And he had lost his interest because, in his eyes, I had begun to agitate quickly. What kind of man would it like? Well, they rightly say that the strong sex loves the eyes. Of course, I started to fight for my family, for my female happiness.

Me and my granddaughter.

How I tried to rejuvenate – a chronicle of unsuccessful experience.

In the beginning, I changed my entire cosmetics, I took another, more advertised and more promising – to enhance the skin’s tightness, to reduce wrinkles and other pretty things for women. After two months I realized that all this was NOT WORKING.

No, there was some effect. But he did not satisfy me at all, and he was not worth the money for which this cosmetics was bought.

A little unfortunate, I emphasized the decorative cosmetics. At one time on my dressing table there were five types of powder. They stood there until once my husband nodded that my face resembled gypsum, and that powder had already stained all his costumes.

Well, then I not only fainted, but just despair. From now on, there was either sculpture or no less expensive skin rejuvenation methods – photo-rejuvenation, gas-liquid peeling, radioluting, laser facelifting, and the like. The rejuvenation curve of any of these ways cost 1.5 – 2 thousand dollars. We had such money in the family. But the daughter and son-in-law then studied at the institute, her granddaughter grew. In short, the young people had to be helped. At the same time, my husband’s work in the company did not work the best way. So there was money, but they were not free.

I was quite sad. I never thought I’d be so sad for me in my fifth decade.

It turns out there is just cosmetics, and there is a rejuvenating cream – Bioretin!

The Bioretin face cream gave it to our fellow countryman now living in Germany, because I had helped her at the time.

The day before the start of use of Bioretin

In her friend’s words, this cream has been a real salvation for her. Indeed, she seemed not to be 57 years old, but at least 10 years younger. And she assured me – with no botox and plastic surgeries there. Well, as they say – on a horse, the teeth are not looking, and I immediately started to try out the new tool! I poured a thick layer on my face, after 20 minutes I washed it with warm water, then I drove the usual moisturizing cream.

WOW! In the morning I saw the obvious result. The skin was a little smoother, somehow refreshed!

I was tempted to use the miracle cream the next night, but in the instruction I had translated it was clearly written – no more than twice a week! The cream completely consists of natural ingredients, they have a strong effect on the skin.

Well – if it is twice a week, it is twice a week.

After the next session, again UAU! – again obvious improvement of the face. Now the wrinkles could not resist the powerful formula of Bioretin and began to surrender. All the metamorphoses with his face for a month while continuing rejuvenation, I sealed him on pictures!

Indeed, the calendar time did not go for a month, but for a month and a half. I just finished my wonderful Bioretin cream with me, and I needed two weeks to buy the new pack, more precisely two, but for that – later. Here are some photos taken during the time of taking Bioretin. So that all of you can see everything with your own eyes!

After this session my Bioretin cream was over. Even, the picture shows that I am a little confused (more precisely, I’m very confused, just the picture is a bit). My girlfriend had already left, and now what should I do now?

Save me … my man! Of course, he saw how literally his eyes were rejuvenating, knowing the reason for it. Like any man, he has rationally addressed the problem. He found himself on the Internet and found the official site in Bulgarian for the sale of Bioretin.

It turns out that this cream has managed to pass certification in Bulgaria and can now be freely sold in our country. My man here has ordered and a week later, the long-awaited order arrived!

I’m here the next morning after my last 8th session.

Compare to the first photo. Is there a difference?

What was before

Half a year passed. No visual deterioration of my face noticing – the skin is elastic, dedicated, wrinkled, practically not. But the cake is always there!

So, my dear women, never surrender. Fight for your beauty! And you will be rewarded for your insistence!

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Czech RepublicFranceSpainPortugalGermanyAustriaSwitzerland


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