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N. Evangelinos: Hello, my dear friends! Today we will talk about where it may lead you desire to fight obesity.

N. Evangelinos: Last, baking soda has won many fans, due to its properties as a slimming product. Let’s learn more about these properties. Actually helps in the battle for a lean body? We call the Dr. John Christodoulou, M.D. to shed some light on the subject.

Dr. John Christodoulou: many believe that weight loss with the use of baking soda is some kind of urban legend. But it can be explained very simply: the sodium bicarbonate contained in baking soda, eliminate toxins from the body and promotes fat burning. Effectively helps in weight loss. But! In the beginning, you cannot lose more than 4 to 5 pounds per month and second, you need to change the eating habits and your

N. Evangelinos: So, contrary to popular opinion, the baking soda is not the best way to fight obesity?

Dr. John Christodoulou: of course not. If you remember, Constantine Michailidis, BSc (Hons) dietetics Professor at the Royal College, was one of the recent guests, and we discussed the properties of a slimming product, called Diet Stars.

N. Evangelinos: Yes, that episode had caused an uproar. Unfortunately, our viewers stretched themselves almost too far by using our advice, something that resulted in negative consequences.

Dr. John Christodoulou: Exactly, we are talking about people who arrived in anorexia, after taking the Diet Stars.

N. Evangelinos: Exactly! Anorexia is usually caused by extreme diets, in which the young girls to lose weight. But, as it seems, this is not the only cause. As you already know, a few months after the chapter on Diet Stars that airs, we began to receive complaints from women who had lost a lot of weight and now doesn’t know what to do with the underweight their bodies.

Dr. John Christodoulou: Yes, the point is, that the Diet Stars is the most powerful natural fat burner for diets. Baking soda can not be compared with this, especially considering the fact that weight loss with the Diet Stars does not require changing habits or lifestyle and allows to lose 12 to 16 pounds a month, and not 4 or 5!

N. Evangelinos: Correctly! But many women are unaware of this feature of the product. While taking the Diet Stars decide to do and diet so the result is even more potent. That’s exactly what happened. As a result, women who weighed 100-120 pounds became anorexic 30 kilos in 60 days! It is very sad to see that this effective product was used so wrong. But it would be good to understand exactly what action has the product.

Dr. John Christodoulou: Very good question. I would like to deepen.

This result is achieved thanks to the combination of 100% plant ingredients, long have proved to be important.


The main feature of the Diet Stars is the fact that it contains ingredients, whose effectiveness has been confirmed by dozens of independent studies. The gumdrops Diet Stars block the formation of new fat reserves. Targeted and powerful action of the herbal ingredients of Diet Stars ensures mild weight loss just on areas, where it accumulates the subcutaneous fat

N. Evangelinos: Indeed, the qualities of the product are truly spectacular. But something in your opinion, what is the main risk?

Dr. John Christodoulou: As we have seen, the main risk is the diet. While taking the Diet Stars , it is not necessary to do and diet because fat will continue to burn. The body needs nutrients from the food. Another danger is when people lose weight so easily and quickly, while some overdoing. Consider that haven’t lost enough lbs, as I have not experienced anything like this ever before. Unfortunately, it is too late when they understand.

N. Evangelinos: Dr. Christodoulou, I totally agree with you and I see that more and more women face this problem. But still, what would you recommend to our viewers? What should I do?

Dr. John Christodoulou: the most effective method in this case would be to set your goals: decide how many pounds you want to lose. Let’s say that you’re 80 pounds and want to get to 55. To achieve this goal, you need a 3 week program with the Diet Stars and no more! Use the product for 3 weeks and you eat whatever you want, but when the scales show 55 pounds, stop eating gummy bears. You can achieve your goal without overdoing it. You can eat as usual: to have regular meals and not fasting, enduring and the discomfort caused by the famine. If you receive the Diet Stars you will lose weight anyway, you don’t need to do and diet.

N. Evangelinos: we have heard that there are many imitations on the market. Where can we buy the Diet Stars and how to protect ourselves against the cheats?

Dr. John Christodoulou: I know that the Diet Stars is certified. Not sold in pharmacies yet, which is why the safest way is to buy the genuine article from the website of the official distributor. That way, you have a guarantee for excellent quality and authenticity of the product.

N. Evangelinos: I would like to wish everyone good health and remember that thanks to modern medicine, many problems are solved much more easily and more efficiently. And the Diet Stars. is a live example. If you want to lose weight, keep in mind two basic principles. Initially, you don’t need to starve it to slim down! And secondly, it is better to lose weight with Diet Stars! be healthy!

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