Do you have a Healthy and Ideal Weight?

It is very tough to maintain your healthy weight, and it is vital to keep your ideal weight to protect yourself from overweight diseases and illness. If your weight is over the healthy range then losing some pounds will prove to be beneficial for you and your health. The essential thing is to achieve the weight which is healthy for you.

For example, a healthy weight for 5.5 female is 114 to 149 lbs. Moreover, if she has more weight than this than most probably she is overweight or obese.


The first step is to find your ideal weight to calculate your BMI. It is the best step which helps you to maintain your weight. The BMI is calculated with the size of your waist.

  • If the resulted BMI is less than 5, then you are underweight and have to maintain a healthy weight by adopting healthy eating habits.
  • If you have BMI from 18.5 to 9, then it is the ideal BMI, and you are fit. However, you still have to do some physical activity and exercises on a daily basis to keep yourself active.
  • If the BMI is greater than 25 but less than 9, then you fall into the overweight category. You need to implement some healthy eating habits so you may lose some pounds.
  • If your BMI is more than 30 then surely, you are in an obese stage, and you have to lose much of your weight. Change in eating habits, as well as some physical activity habits, will keep you healthy.

For example

Ideal weight for 5.5 female is 114 to 149 lbs. So according to the weight, the BMI must be between 18.5 to 24.9.

Frame size

It is not always BMI you have to look for the ideal weight; you also have to know about your frame size that in which frame category you fall. Following are the easy steps to know

  • Keep your arm at 90-degree angle to your body by extending it and bending your elbow.
  • Now turn the wrist inside towards your body and keep the fingers straight.
  • Now you have to place your index finger and your thumb on the angle sides of the two bones. Now ask someone to measure the distance with the measuring tape.
  • Now compare the measurements with the frame chart according to your height. You need to be barefoot while measuring the height. If you will be below the inches, then our frame is small otherwise significant.

For example, the average weight for 5.5 female is 114 to 149 lbs. Moreover, the ideal frame size must be 23/8 inches to 25/8 inches.

Talk to your nutritionist about the proper diet plan and exercise to lose weight. There are many healthy programs and counseling provided to change your lifestyle accordingly. All you have to perform 30 minutes exercise or active time daily to burn some extra fats and keep your weight maintain.

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