Exercise & Diet To Lose Belly in a Week

An excellent strategy to lose belly fat is running for 25 minutes every day and to make a diet with calorie, fat, and sugar the body spent the fat that is accumulated.

But in addition to the run, it is essential to do abdominal exercises because they help to strengthen the abdomen, improving the appearance of the abdominal.

To 1 week is a brief period to eliminate all the accumulated fat, it is possible to lose weight and reduce swelling in the stomach. See what your ideal weight by placing your data below:

Exercises to lose belly in 1 week

An excellent exercise to lose belly fat is running, since the body spends a higher amount of calories in a short period, in just 30 minutes running 300 calories are consumed. It is essential that if it is beginning to be physically active, starts slowly and it should go progressively increasing both the time and the intensity of the workouts. Other exercises to complete daily training to lose belly in 1 week are:

As shown in the pictures above, must be one continuously for 30 seconds, then pause for 30 seconds to rest and continue with the next 30 seconds more.

Best exercises to lose belly

This table indicates how many calories are burned in 1 hour of training each year.
Diet to lose belly in 1 week

Food to lose belly in a week consists of providing the maximum of nutrients with a minimum of calories, fats, and sugars. In this diet is recommended:

  • Do 5 to 6 meals a day, always eating every 3 hours
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water or green tea a day
  • Eat a different salad every day, and the amount of meat, fish or chicken has to be the size of the Palm of your hand
  • Eat 2-3 fruits a day, every day, preferably those containing less sugar as Apple, pear, Plum, among others
  • Take 1 to 2 yogurt with alive lactobacillus to the day, since it facilitates intestinal transit, reducing the belly
  • Flavor foods with less salt, opting to use herbs and spicing up salads with lemon
  • Take 1 cup of boldo tea half an hour before lunch and dinner because it helps combat gases and therefore helps to reduce the swelling of the belly

Weight loss programs that have long-lasting effects are those that include the regular practice of physical activity and food re-education, but within a week it is possible to achieve visible results.

If desired, to complement this treatment to lose belly fat, also it may be treatments such as lipo cavitation, radio frequency, and lymphatic drainage to remove excess liquid, fat, and tone the skin.

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