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Hi all!
Today I decided to tell some things in my diary to you all … I do not want to tell the truth, but I will try to tell all my worries and feelings so that you can all understand my story better later on. Honestly, I do not want to tell this very personal story to gain more followers in social media and become famous. All I want is to help those who are struggling against the same problems I have faced before.

Two years ago, I had a psychological disorder. I felt lonely, depressed and my family could not do much except take me to a hospital where I received special care to make me feel better.

Why did I feel lonely? Now I understand the reason … Take a look at my photo and you will also understand.

It’s no secret that if you can not love yourself, no one will love you. True, I have no friends, no boyfriend or social life that is active because I hate myself. I hate my physical appearance.

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My college friends call me pigs, beefs, cows, stranded whales, seals, … And believe me they’re pretty light nicknames I’ve ever heard. No wonder if I end up feeling depressed and ending up in a mental hospital …

After two months in the hospital, I returned home, but I still had to see Dr. Kevin every week and discuss all my worries and how to fight all that. With ease, the doctor immediately concluded that the main source of my problems is my physical appearance, especially my weight. Of course, doctors always advise that I should be more confident and that a good personality is far more important than physical beauty. But I really know what I really need! I have to lose weight.

One day, after all the countless attempts I made to lose weight like for example by doing jogging and other sports, I met an old friend named Linda. I admit to him that sometimes I really really want to eat it all, because it’s really hard for me. Almost everyone around where I live know that I have experienced psychological disorders and always gossip about me.

Why do I mention Linda’s name?

Because when I saw him, I was very surprised. She is so beautiful: the legs, the small waist, and the hip that contains. She’s very popular with the company we work on … The guys can not stop staring at her.

Once, while we were walking, we went into a shop. I want to buy some candy and chips … I was surprised to see Linda also bought all of it (a woman with a perfect figure she definitely would not eat this unhealthy food). I really wonder how he managed to keep his body sexy and tight but on the one hand he also consumed all the junk food.

And finally, he told me his secret all the time: he uses Green Coffee every day. I had never heard of this product before … Then he explained to me that this product is a simple spray that will help you lose weight, but you can still eat everything you want. Yes, I know! It sounds impossible, is not it? I thought so at first. I thought this product might have a bad impact on my health, but Linda always looks fit and her mood was always good. Often I feel tired and angry, but Linda always looks energized and cheerful. Oh, my God! I’m really jealous!

Without thinking twice, I immediately bought it … After 14 days, my weight dropped 22.5 kilos. I do not believe in what I see! My body fat disappears very quickly, although I still eat all the cakes, ice cream, chips, peanut butter, etc.

I became much more confident myself after I lost 22 pounds and, of course, all had a positive impact on my social life. I am more out of the house having fun with my friends and even a guy invites me on a date ……

Let me tell you all more about Green Coffee. This product claims to be able to help lose weight, remove toxins from the body and help reduce stress. This product is made from natural ingredients that will encourage or enhance the effectiveness of other ingredients that are also contained in this product. Green Coffee contains 4 natural ingredients: natural concentrate of red wine, Fucus, vitamin B6 and B1. To get the best results just use this product 4 times a day ie before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I’m really proud of the results I get: I’ve uploaded a few photos as proof that this product really gives tangible results. I am very grateful for this product because it helps people beat their problems and make their lives more meaningful.

You should be careful! There are many counterfeit similar products sold on other websites … In Indonesia there is only one authorized supplier. Here’s the sitelink!

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