Flekosteel – Natural Cream for Joints, Muscles and Back Pain

What is Flekosteel?

FLEKOSTEEL is a cure that can quickly get rid of pain from artistry and osteocondrosis. It also removes muscle spasms and inflammation. Flekosteel is also effective in treating osteocondrosis and artrosis as it slow down the process of deterioration of cartilage tissue and increases metabolism, in order to promote articular cartilage growth. Positive effects can be seen after first use. If used regularly, joint and back pain will stop getting worse.

How Does It Help?

  • Relieve symptoms of pain
  • Trigger the process of cartilage regeneration
  • Eliminates muscle hyperresolution
  • Fighting swelling
  • Get rid of inflammation

How to cure joint pains?

I want to tell you the story of how I eliminated the pains in my knees caused by arthrosis and osteochondrosis in my lower back. I am not a doctor, so I will not explain how to cure it, I will simply tell you what happened.

I am 62 years old and I am retired. Before retiring, I worked in the furnace of a metallurgical plant. At first I was a worker like any other, but then I started working as a security engineer. Those who know this profession, know that this work is very different from that of a metal worker. These simply boil the iron, all they have to do is press a few buttons. We did everything the old way. If necessary, we used a shovel and sometimes even a lever. The surface was incredibly hot, and it was impossible to escape the constant puffs of air. I ruined my knees and my back in that place.

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Constant pain has a direct negative impact on appearance. I aged a lot in only 3 years.

It is positive that I had to retire at 50 due to my years of service. I did not have any strength left. I was able to maintain my last year thanks to analgesic injections. I was lucky that they gave me that position as an engineer. That work was much simpler, far from the boilers. It did my health good, it had a positive impact on me. The pain went down, I could even continue without the painkillers for a while. But three years before I retired I had an accident. I hurt my leg while fishing. The shock of the pain and the constant taking of analgesics affected my fragile state, and I began to suffer from acute pain in the knees and back.

I do not even want to remember that time. I was living hell! In the mornings my wife gave me diclofenac, then I took another during work and another when I got home in the house. You will wonder why I did not retire. I was helping my son. He had a newborn baby and he had lost his job. I had to help him.

During the last year I walked with a cane. Before the next medical check-up, I wrote a letter of resignation. Maybe he was going to have to resign.

How I healed?

Based on my extensive history of joint diseases, I can say that doctors know few remedies to treat them. Sometimes the only thing they prescribe is diprospan. In addition, the constant taking of diclofenac to relieve pain, causes upset stomach. I had to, in addition, take a gastric protector.

While looking for a truly effective remedy, I had 4 punctures to remove the fluid in my knees. During the last puncture, pus also came out. The doctor told me that it was very likely that I would need a surgery soon, a prosthesis. They would put titanium knees to replace my already useless knees. I started reading about it. It turned out that, even if the surgery was successful, he would still have to walk with a cane. The surgery cost at least $ 4000. That’s the price of German prosthetics; Although ours is $ 1000 cheaper, the complication risks are higher with these. I decided to take my time to think things through.

I realized that I had no choice. But I did not have that kind of money! I talked a lot with my wife (she was doing very well) and I decided to undergo surgery. At 61 life still does not end … and as for money, well, that’s what it is for, to spend it.

That’s when the miracle happened!

I owe it to my wife, actually. I had a friend, the wife of a police officer. Her husband had suffered from his knees, just like me. Well, not as much as me.

One day my wife was walking down the street when a car stopped at her side. The officer got out of his car with a bandage on his knee.

That same day Sandra (my wife) called her friend and asked if her husband was well on his knees. She told him yes, but that she had not had surgery. And it felt very good.

It turned out that this man was using a new product Flekosteel. Her husband used it and in a month he was as good as new. I’m going to say it again: ONE MONTH!

We both got quite excited, but at the same time we feel frustrated. The product was not sold in our country. We had not the slightest idea how to bring it to Colombia. So … I kept preparing for the surgery.

A month and a half later Sandra called her friend, who told her that the product was already available in our country. My wife confirmed it with her friend … it was true! Now we could buy the product, but only from the official website. I think I was one of the first customers to buy it!

I started applying it on my knees and back. And … it started to take effect! At first I thought I had anesthesia in the composition, because about 5-10 minutes after applying it, the pain disappeared. I felt a lot better, I did not hurt at all. In fact, I had given up long ago. I wish I had taken more care of my knees. I was about to undergo surgery! But a week after applying the product I could flexion without problems and put on my shoes without using a shoehorn.

In 2 weeks I could walk an hour and a half without feeling pain. I was recovering! Two weeks later, I considered myself a healthy person … I felt no pain! I could duck without problem, walk long hours and ride a bicycle.

It’s been 6 months since I recovered. No pain! Although I stopped using Flekosteel months ago. Now I go fishing again, I work in the garden of my house and I take care of my grandson. My wife and I are planning a trip to the south of the country! We do not stop talking about how beautiful it will be.

So, if you have arthritis or any other disease in the bones or joints and back, take note of this information: Flekosteel – cure the joints!

How to Use Flekosteel?

Flekosteel usage is very simple and straightforward.This is what you should do:

  • Apply Flekosteel to dry skin and rub it in until the cream is completely absorbed.
  • Use Flekosteel cream on sore spots 2-3 times a day.
  • Do not wet with water first hour after applying the cream.
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