Preventive Tips for a Headache Behind Right Eye

There are many types of headaches and many reasons cause headache problems. If you are experiencing headache behind the eyes, then you may have eye problems, vision or sight issues, or something is really serious. The health issue is common, and many occur to anyone of any age group.

A headache behind the right eye is may be due to dry eyes, vision problems, scleritis, inflammatory syndrome or many other reasons while a headache behind left eye indicates the problem of blood vessels which cause a sinus infection, tension headaches, migraine or even tumor.

Some problem lasts for some minutes while others last for hours. They may come as a sharp pain but with proper preventive causes, you may treat them well. If the condition gets worse than consult your health professional.

Causes of Headache

There are many symptoms which can cause a headache behind eyes. The reasons may vary from eye pain, redness, excessive tearing and eye dryness, numbness, double vision, sinus or fever. The symptoms may be diverse, so following are the diseases

Dry Eyes

A person may feel irritation or discomfort if the eyes get dry. Individuals who work on computers may experience burning eyes, itching or a sharp headache above left eye. Prolonged dryness may lead to excessive tearing. The doctor will prescribe eye medications if the condition of a headache gets worse.

Vision or Eyesight Problems

The vision problems lead to the discomfort and also puts a strain on eyes. A headache mostly occurs with a condition of near or far sighted problems. Just go for the regular eye checkups if your vision is causing headaches.


When the outer surface of an eye is covered with a thin layer, the condition is known as scleritis. You may experience a headache above right eye accompanied by redness, pain, as well as burning, will be felt. It is advised to consult the doctor for treatment because the severe condition may lead to the loss of vision. Eye drops will be recommended by the doctor such as non-steroidal, steroid; antibiotics in case f any infection.

Tension Headache

Tension headaches also cause a headache behind eyes. A tension headache is associated with stress, and with the injury of neck muscles. An individual needs to take rest, proper medication, therapy of heat and ice down to the base of the neck and head.

Cluster Headache

These pain are extremely sharp and occur a headache behind the right eye.  Most men experience cluster pain because of severe stress or family history. The treatment of a headache includes medication and rest. The supply of oxygen has been effective for people who experience from cluster headaches.


The formation of fluctuating hormones is linked with headaches. Individuals who have migraine headaches suffer from severe pain, especially during the menstrual cycle. The irregular production of hormones causes the chemical changes in the vessels of the brain. Medications prove to be very effective.

Deal with Headaches


To moderate the pain, exercise prove to be very effective. Exercise helps to release endorphins which release the stress.


If you have migraine pain, then rest and sleep are the best treatment. You just have to lay down or take rest in the dark room. Oversleeping in a migraine also triggers the pain. The cup of coffee or tea also decreases a headache. Keep the sugar level maintained by eating fresh fruits. Other remedies include massage, taking vitamin supplements, ice packs or ibuprofen, Tylenol or Aleve.

Avoid Triggers

Following are reasons which can trigger headaches such as

  • Consumption of too much caffeine.
  • Loud noises
  • Bright light
  • Skipping meals
  • Use of alcohol and beers
  • Taking sweets or desserts
  • Disturbed sleeping routines or lack of sleep
  • Exposure to odors which are strong
  • Sensitive to smoke cigarettes

Self-Care Tips

Following are the self-care tips which can help to reduce the pain behind the eyes. Just use the simple remedies if you will experience sudden pain.

  • Keep the lights dim in your house
  • Make sure that sounds of TV and music system must be in regular voice
  • Get physical therapy like icing or heating on an affecting area
  • Go for a walk in fresh air. Morning walks prove to be very effective
  • Have neck massage
  • Take long and warm baths
  • Do have a nap at least one time in a day
  • Apply pressure or do massage to the affected area
  • Limit the intake of coffee
  • Avoid taking alcohol
  • Use vitamins supplement like vitamin D or B
  • Adopt exercises on daily basis. Exercise is essential even if you will perform it for at least 10 minutes.

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