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How I reduced my weight by 40%: the story of a man who has lost 56 kg!

This is a story about Almir Halilovic, a man who was 137 kg at age 40 and was very close to incurable health problems.

Almir realized that he did not want to accept life with diabetes and thickness. He chose the second time.

I knew I had to take more drastic measures. I had to normalize my weight. I was desperate. I could barely bump XXXXXL pants in my waist from 112-118 cm. Even that size has become too short for me soon. I had to regularly change the button that was constantly falling off.

It became very difficult to find a suitable shirt. XXL T-shirts were small, my shirts were clinging to my seating. I slept badly. While lying on a couch or bed, I felt like a whale.

This has come from a number of reasons that have arisen in my childhood.

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Never in my life did I run a kilometer from the beginning to the end without having rested or part of the walk.

In 2015, I was 137 kg and almost to receive diabetes. Then I decided to change my life. I was worried about my wife, I did not want to become a widow. Of course, I started with diets. All children work on the same principle: if we consume less calories than we consume, weight will decrease. However, for some unknown reason, later return all pounds or even increase. After a few months of keeping a child, I realized that calorie reduction is not enough. I needed something more, more active and more effective.

And I went to the gym. However, I did not get the desired results either there. Too much physical and psychological torture. So many bans for everything I liked and results nowhere – all that led me to depression. I began to drink a lot and I returned all the pounds that I managed to lose with hard training and diet, and I was in the plus of 8 kg.

It was obvious that this could not take longer, and when my wife left me, I realized that I had to fight alone. My new life started at a meeting with a psychologist. I can imagine that I was desperate, a man of 150 kg, crying and swollen, wiping tears with wipes, complains that he was poor and desperate.

Of course, all of my problems have been resolved. It was clear even without a doctor that I was psychologically ill because of excess pounds, but also that I needed a solution to the problems. My dear dr. Dzemal Begic gave me this solution. No, they were not psychological treatments. The solution to all my problems was the Bottle Capsule Nutrivix .

After that I started to search for more information about this product and I found a scientific article with a detailed explanation. There was no longer any doubt.

I never thought that a weight loss product could be so simple and tasty!

Composition of capsules Nutrivix is unique! Includes GREEN TEA – Camellia Sinensis , a powerful natural antioxidant and fat burner. SENA – Cassia Angustifolia A plant that grows in Asia and Africa. Addition to Nutrivix due to the exceptional effect on peristatics of the intestines and cleansing, since it is very important to remove unnecessary accumulated substances in the body. KRUSINA – Rhamnus Frangula Used as a reliable laxans. Extremely effective against imprisonment and encourages peristatics of the colon. ARTIČOKA – Cynara Scolymus Artičoka contains an abundance of minerals and vitamins, as well as active substances that give her a healing power. Artichoke enhances the secretion of the bile, improves digestion and improves digestion, acts laxatively, has a mild diuretic effect.BREZA – Betula Pendula Breza is one of the most popular plants in traditional medicine. It uses bark, and buds, and leaves and trees. The birch leaves have a diuretic effect and help cleanse the body. Because of the speeding up of metabolism and purification processes, you are intensely skinny. Actually, that’s what I needed.

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You can only buy Nutrivix online. This product is still not available for sale.

I visited the site and ordered one package (except for what the doctor gave me) Nutrivix . It’s a good thing that there is no advance payment, which makes shopping very easy.

I must mention that I did not even open another package. First, it was quite enough.

I will not hide, I continue to practice sports once a week to maintain my health (I did not want to have diabetes because I could eat everything I wanted with Nutrivix ).

After only 2 weeks I was shocked with the result – minus 8.3 kg! I could not believe what was happening to my body. I lost my weight , my body was falling and my appearance changed from my eyes! The loss of breath has disappeared. I became popular among women! I will tell you in confidence that even my husbandhood has increased for me several times! During all that time, I did not resist anything!

Only lazy people can not lose weight this way!

One pack was enough for 3 months!

I spent a lot of money on clothes. I changed the size every two weeks. I started with XXL size and now I wear M .

On April 12, 2016, I had 80 kg – 56 kg less than before falling into depression. All in all, thanks to Nutrivix I lost 64 kg .

Unbelievable, is not it?

This weight loss experience led me to realize that I can do everything I want. I feel like I’m at the top of the world. I never felt better and I was never happier!

The only thing I wanted in my life is to improve my physical health. And I did it!

I still have to see what problems are next on the list.

I want to tell everyone who reads my blog not to delay losing weight because you will not even notice how to get an extra 10 kg for a year and then it will be too late to do anything. Plus, weight loss with Nutrivix is so simple that you will not even feel like “melting”.

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Public Reviews Of Nutrivix

Amela 88

For 2 months, I’m lean with these capsules. My result is almost 30 kg less! It was very inspiring to read a similar story. I do not have any particular reason why I’m bleeding, but when I was just over 20 years old I looked into the mirror and saw a fat woman! It was terrible given that my boyfriend had only 60 kg! Imagine how we looked when we were bathing …! I believed Nutrivix would help me and I immediately began using it. My boyfriend supported me. We ordered these capsules and we could not believe with our eyes that I lost 5kg in the first week! I’m glad I did not bother with diets. Nutrivix is my only diet and I do not believe in any other. So I advise anyone who has excess pounds to not despair because there is a solution calledNutrivix . Almire, thank you for sharing your experience!


Dear Lamia, thank you for motivating me to finally get rid of these boring pounds. It’s been three weeks ago and I’ve lost 28 kg. Now I have 57 kg and, as you said, kilograms are not coming back. All the best, Ajla.

Emina Mehmedović

Tomorrow I go out with a boy, we go to dinner in an expensive restaurant. A couple of weeks ago, the very idea of ​​going to eat somewhere and not paying attention to calories was a nightmare for me. But now I’m not interested in that! I know I can eat whatever I want and I will not get fat. I lost 27.5 kg with Nutrivix food supplement in just one month ! Thank you, Lamiya!


I have to share this with you !!! I lost 20 kg for two months !!!!!! This addition is a gift from God! My husband and I are going to another honeymoon soon;)

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