Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

When the nerve in the shoulder is pressed because of too much pressure then the muscle had incorrect posture. The pressure on the nerve can be at any age and may rely on many reasons like obesity, aging, heredity, injury or any trauma.

The nerve is located somewhere near the neck area, and the signs or symptoms of the pinched nerve in shoulder blade can be permanent or temporary. In the severe condition do seek advice from your physician or health care professional.

The pain gets very worse and uncomfortable with the passage of time and affects the shoulder blade. However, the article will guide you about the pain because of a pinched nerve in shoulder nerve.

The pain

Pain in between shoulder blades starts to appear when the tissue around the muscle has to suffer pressure for a long time. The pressure on the shoulder results to compress the nerve or trap it with the other nerves.

The condition is not permanent, but the system of transferring signals from brain to the nerve gets a little disturbed. The condition is very common, and anyone of any age can suffer from the pinched nerve. The quality of life is severely affected with this pain because it creates the discomforting condition.

Causes of Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade

Following are the factors which develop pain in the pinched nerve:-

Large breasts

Women who have large breasts have to go through this pain. The pain occurs because of the posture they have to maintain due to heavy breasts.

Movement of shoulder

Those people who continuously have to move their shoulder muscle may compress the nerve and develop the pain. The pain becomes very discomforting.


The overexertion also compresses the nerve of the muscle and cause severe pain. The pain spreads from the nerve of the neck to the shoulder.


It is one of the common cause of pain. People who are overweight or are suffering from obesity are prone to shoulder pain. Due to the excessive weight, the nerve is pressed, and the pain occurs because of the intense pressure.


During pregnancy, much of the women gain weight and the growing fetus also exerts pressure on the shoulder blade muscle.

Medical conditions

Some of the medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and syndrome also damage the nerve and injure them. The situation leads to severe pain.

Symptoms of Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade

If you have pinched nerve shoulder blade pain then following are the symptoms


You will have a burning sensation which may let your arm unable to move. The compressed nerves caused very much pain in the muscle. When you have this condition, then you will also have headaches and neck pain as well.

As the nerve is connected to the brain and also affects the functions of your body. According to the medical center, some simple movements surely help to get rid of the pain. If proper treatment is not followed then, the condition gets worse and may damage the nerve.


If you will start feeling weak in using your arm muscles or unable to grip or hold anything, then it is also a sign of pinched nerve. In severe cases, the muscle stops functioning and you fail to lift your arm. When you feel difficulty in holding something or making a proper grip, picking items then it is advised to consult the doctor.


The treatment of the pain varies according to the pain severity and the cause. However major treatments and doctor advice are essential, but some of the treatment methods also help to reduce the sharp pain in the shoulder blade.


Some of the muscle exercises are also available on the internet. You can browse them or ask the doctor to suggest you any proper exercise. It will help to keep your muscle active, and you will not feel numbness. It contributes to strengthening the muscles and reduce the pressure on the nerve.

Hot and cold compresses

If you place a cold pack or hot pack on the affected area, it will also help to reduce the pain in your shoulder.  Try to use the pack for almost 15 minutes and 2 to 3 times a day. You will get relieved from the pain.


The proper lying position and complete rest help to reduce the pain. It is advice to lay down in the correct position because if your position is not correct, then you may also suffer from shoulder pain from sleeping or resting in the wrong posture. Try not to put any pressure on your shoulder.

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