Major Causes and Effective Remedies for Burning Sensation in Stomach

The burning sensation in stomach is very common, and people of all age group can suffer from this condition. It is also known as dyspepsia. According to the latest research every person suffer from dyspepsia at least once in a lifetime. However if the situation gets worse than consult your doctor for treatment. The symptoms of the sensation include burning in stomach, lack of appetite, nausea, and vomiting, burping or even heartburn. The symptoms may be occasional or last long for hours. Mostly after eating the food or having a diet which contains starch the sensation occurs.

Causes of burning Sensation in Stomach

The condition has signs which lead to various diseases like alcohol abuse, inflammation. Heartburn conditions or even ulcers. Sometimes overeating is also the main reason of burning. The clinic report says that around 10 percent of Americans suffer from a stomach ulcer and most of the elder people experience the problem. Irregular medications and drugs also create a lining in the stomach which irritates on often occasion.

Food Allergy

Whenever you feel a burning sensation in the stomach, the main reason will be due to the food allergy.  If you are sensitive to some foods, then there is a possibility that you feel irritation in the stomach. Some people also suffer from fever or diarrhea, as well as vomiting.

If the sensation you are feeling is severe then consult your doctor he/she will prescribe an injection of epinephrine.

Stomach ulcers

There is a probability that a person may suffer from stomach ulcers. Eating lot of junk food and energy drinks can also be the reason of sore. There are sores which come in contact with the acid, produced by the stomach. If you suffer from a stomach ulcer, then you will suffer pain in the night or when your stomach will be empty.

Some types of stomach ulcer are very severe, and the doctor will advise to take antibiotics and follow proper medications. The medicines will eliminate the chances of production of acid in the stomach which becomes the reason of burning pain in stomach. You have to eat small and clean meals. The meal you take must not be spicy and try to avoid food which irritates your stomach. Reduce the level of sodas or alcohol and manage the stress or depression.

Remedies for Burning Pain in Stomach

Following are the remedies for burning pain in stomach. These all solutions are quick and efficient. In the case of emergency, you can implement any of the remedies to get rid of burning stomach.

Plain Foods

If you add plain food like boil vegetables and in taking fruits in your meal will help to neutralize your acidic level in the stomach. Plain foods are easy to digest and broke down without producing acid in your stomach. You can eat boil rice, boiled egg whites or soup without adding spices or oil.


It is the best remedy which helps to treat intestinal lesions or acidic problems; you can take one teaspoon of honey with cinnamon for benefits.

Soothing Fruits

Eating fruits in your diet will keep you healthy and provide essential nutrients to your body. You can treat your acidity by eating a lot of bananas or watermelon.

Thyme Tea

Thyme tea is very beneficial. It helps to treat mucosal swelling in the stomach which causes burning and produce acids in your stomach. Just boil thyme tea of about one teaspoon and use with plain water to drink it.


Ginger helps to eliminate the chances of acidity in your stomach. The intestinal inflammation finishes, and it soothes the effect of burning and irritation in your stomach. Any extra gas can be released without any pain. You can use ginger in tea or can chew it.


Use of peppermint is very beneficial because it helps to relieve gas and cool down the reflux of acid in intestines. Even the cramps are also treated by using peppermint in tea.


Chamomile tea is very beneficial to soothe the tensed muscles. The effects of chamomile tea are very sedative and energizes your body.


Morning or evening exercise helps you from many weight gaining diseases. Jog in the park or regular stretching helps to relieve the stress. You must have to perform exercise daily even for 10 minutes because they eliminate the chances of depression and prevents you from many diseases.

Drinking Water

Water is very beneficial for human body. It keeps your water level maintained and also improves the digestion process so intake at least 8 cups of water.

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