The one of the most common complaints by people is having sharp pains in the head. If the pain is hard to resist then, it may prove to be life-threatening for some people. There can be many reasons and caused the pain. It may be possible that you are taking too much stress, or the reason behind the pain is a migraine or inflammation. The critical condition of pain could be brain tumor as well. If you suffer from fever, weakness, vomiting or any change in your vision then make sure to consult your doctor immediately.

Causes of Sharp Pains in Head

Most of the leading reasons of sharp pain on top of head or back of the head. If you do not know the cause of head pain, then consult the health professional to diagnose the main reason. There are many symptoms which identify the reason for pain.

Giant cell

The giant cell arteritis is a condition in which due to inflammation the arterial lining causes sharp pains in the head. The arteries in your head are affected by this situation. You may feel tenderness in your head area where you feel the pain. Your vision will be affected or you will experience pain your jaw, fever or weight loss may also happen. The condition gets worse if not treated properly.

A person may also lose his/her vision.A person suffering from giant cell arteritis have to take drugs of inflammation like corticosteroid. After the medicine, you may suffer from mood swing, weak bones or gain in weight. It is advised to exercise daily.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

When a person suffers from nerve disorder due to the inflammation or sclerosis, then a blood vessel is swollen in the head which can also lead to a tumor. A person with this condition may experience pain on right side of the head. The pain will be sharp head pain or feels like someone is stabbing in the head. People of older age mostly suffer from this pain.


The problem of a headache is very common. Around 20 percent of adults or even teenagers suffer from the problem of migraine. The pain varies from severe to moderate. There are other symptoms which include nausea, loss of vision, sensitivity to light or odors or vomiting. The pain does not last longer but finishes in few minutes, but the condition in a migraine gets worse, if not treated on time.


Maybe a headache you are having is the reason of any viral or bacterial infection. The tissues around the spinal cord or in the brain are known as meninges which are affected by the disease. Sometimes when the tissue are damaged due to the severe inflammation may lead a person the permanent disability like brain damage, amputation, kidney damage or limb.

The common symptom is that you will experience sharp pain in the back of the head which will be accompanied by seizures, the sensitivity to light, unconsciousness, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite.

Tension Headache

A tension headache is also the most common problem experienced by people of all group ages. Around 78 percent of people go through from this pain. The muscles of the head get stiff or tight and cause sharp pain on the right side of the head, at the back of the head and the pressure is exerted on the neck.

The pain lasts for few days makes the condition very uncomfortable. If you do not have good posture while sitting, standing, or sleeping you may also experience this pain. The intensity of the pain increases as the day progresses.

Brain Tumor

It is the worst condition of any a headache which is caused because of the abnormal growth of cells in the brain. Tumors in the brain start from the membranes around the brain, glands and nerves. You may experience a headache while sleeping. It condition of an individual gets worse in the morning, or you may feel symptoms of vomiting, nausea, vision or numbness in different body parts.

How to deal with Pain?

  • It is advisable to avoid dehydration because most of the pain is trigger by dehydration.
  • Just relax in a quiet and dark place for at least 30 minutes.
  • Avoid to perform any activity especially like watching TV, laptop, or mobile phone.
  • Just apply the cool or soft cream on your forehead which helps the blood vessels to ease the pain. It is beneficial, especially in the severe pain.
  • Lay down on a comfortable couch or bed at a room temperature. Make sure not to use any pillow or cushion.