Testogen Review 2018 – Scam? Check 4 Weeks Result

This product review is for the brand new and improved formula of the product do not confuse it with the old Testogen reviews about the product version that comes with a risky dosage of zinc in it.

This brand new and improved formula with all the natural ingredients that have been shown to result in naturally boosted testosterone without any major side effects now makes Testogen one of our favorite estrogen maintenance products on the market.

So if you are looking for ways to naturally boost your body’s testosterone levels, muscle gains, weight loss, body performance and drive, then this new and improved Testogen is definitely a perfect addition to your stack of supplements.

“Most testosterone boosting products are what they call Anabolic steroids which have disastrous side effects on your body and can lead to your body being affected by negative side effects”

Have you ever thought about how it is possible for the bodybuilders you see in the health magazines to get such shredded physiques all the while still being able to maintain high amounts of muscle? In most of these cases, these guys are on anabolic steroids, which can have devastating effects on the body

“The simple fact is that the steroids used by bodybuilders are very effective, but they also come with major side effects on the user’s body”

The makers of Testogen came to the concluding explanation that many of the people want to achieve a strong and muscular physique not want to be affected by the risks that come with the use of anabolic steroids.

To explain it simply, would you be willing to take a steroid knowing that it will destroy your liver, kidney, and other vital organs all the while promoting dependency on the product and potentially leading to cause a premature death?

For most people, these negative side effects outweigh the potential benefits of these steroids regardless of how fast it can provide them with results.

“However, with the use of Testogen, Users will be able to benefit from a highly effective product that comes with no side effects but all the benefits of using it”

Safe and Effective Alternative to Anabolic Steroids

Testogen is a brand new supplementary product that was initially produced to help people in achieving their goals of muscle gains without having to put up with all the negative side effects that come with the use of steroids.

A highly effective steroid alternative, Testogen is a cutting-edge and highly effective testosterone booster among all the products in the industry.

“A highly effective alternative to steroids, Testogen is an advanced and cutting-edge supplement for use in testosterone amplification and muscle gains in your body”

Testogen has a team of designers and developers who have spent years in the creation of the perfect formula that can help you to develop a highly effective, affordable and reliable product that can help anyone to achieve the goals of increased strength and higher vitality in General.

Ingredients that make Testogen Unique

D-Aspartic Acid

This powerful amino acid provides you with the most potent natural stimulant for assisting you with an increased Testosterone level. D-Aspartic acid is one of the most powerful natural stimulants for boosting your testosterone levels

High zinc dosage

Many people do not know that zinc levels in your body can actually be reduced while you are sweating.

What this means is that if you are into fitness and your diet plan is not a 100% correct, you will have low amounts of zinc in your body that can have a negative impact on your bodies performance.

Low zinc levels can also lead to a direct impact on libido.

High Dosage of Magnesium

Magnesium has mounted direct tiers in the production of Testosterone in your body, mainly when you are asleep. Higher magnesium levels in your body mean higher testosterone levels in your body.

Red Ginseng

Known primarily for its abilities as an aphrodisiac, red ginseng is a potent plant-based supplement that can assist in an increase in the overall vitality and sexual performance of men.

B Vitamins

Powerful vitamins that help you bound energy are found amongst B vitamin, B6 plays a major role in maintaining metabolism and is also vital in the testosterone production process.

Vitamin B6 plays a major role in the metabolic functions and is also important in the testosterone production process

Nettle leaf

This unique ingredient helps the body’s testosterone amplifiers in improving the testosterone-producing processes in the body’s bloodstream and increasing the body’s anabolic properties.


Whilst Bioperine does not play a major role in the testosterone production processes of the body, it is still helpful in the fact that it plays an important role in the absorption of potent testosterone amplifiers of the body.

This potent testosterone absorbing amplifiers include D-asparic acid and nettle leaf extract among others.

Vital steps to take before you start using Testogen

Make sure you have a complete training program

Testogen is not a miracle pill. It is a highly effective stimulator for development and muscle recovery and muscle gain.

But you still need to have the dedication put into your training program to make sure that this product has positive effects on your body.

It is very important for you to have the right training program to be able

Do you receive a proper amount of sleep?

Sleep has one of the most effective roles to play in the overall production of testosterone in your body compared to any other factor.

Research and development have proven that even losing only 2 hours of sleep in one night can have an effect on the total levels of testosterone and the corresponding strength in healthy men.

Make sure you stay hydrated

Perhaps one of the most effective and more often ignored components of a health and training plan, staying hydrated is key to your success, especially when you start exercising and complementing. Hydrated muscles are effective muscles and healthy muscles can grow at a more rapid rate.

Make sure that you are ready for a new lifestyle

Many people do not comprehend the hard work that goes into a strong and healthy body. Anyone can run on a treadmill for 30 minutes every weekend, but it takes hard dedication to train well, eat well and supplement your body correctly 24 hours a day.

Make sure that you record your results

Recording your results is one of the most important ways to see positive progress. This will not only help you to see proper and forced progression, but progress recording can help you stay motivated when hitting a brick wall or a declining stage.

The Mechanism of Testogen

Testosterone supplements available over the counter work very differently compared to prescribed treatments or other treatments like hormone replacement therapy for men. So it is crucial to keep that in mind first of all.

  • Testogen works by increasing the natural production of testosterone in your body. Usually, you can do this through eating well and not doing certain things like an excessive excursion,
  • But for most guys, a supplement is a much safer and a much easier option.
  • All you do is take a daily dose of 1 to 2 capsules (no more than a maximum of 4) usually with food and the formula takes care of the rest.
  • Testogen contains 6 vital ingredients and is formulated to provide men with all kinds of natural supplements that they need to increase their testosterone levels quickly.
  • Ingredients such as zinc, gluconate, D-aspartic acid and vitamin D have been tries in clinical trials over the years to help maintain your testosterone levels.
  • The older you get, the more you need to exert on improving your bodies testosterone levels, because with men, unfortunately, it decreases as we age.

The Benefits of Testogen

More energetic – Testogen helps you feel clear and alert and helps to process a lot more information.

Higher Concentration– It can help concentrate for longer periods than before.

Increased alertness level– Helps increase an individual’s alertness from a span of 10 minutes to 45 minutes.

Smaller Recovery times– Helps reduce pain on the next day and feel ready to go through every session, almost no pain in my muscles.

Increased muscle mass – Helps your strength in increasing Helping you increase the level of rigidity to your muscle and exercise more.

Does it have any Side Effects?

Not from what we can see, we’ve only tested the product for two months. We did read a few user reviews where some guys experienced higher hair growth where they didn’t have hair before.

But they didn’t specify if they were mixing supplements or even taking a shady product like anabolic steroids before that had been linked to any hair growth spurts. However, among some of the minor negative side effects of this product are:

  • Some people feel that for the money they could have gotten more pills in the package.
  • Half of the container had pills while the rest was just paraphernalia to keep the pills in place.
  • We are not sure why, but the product may turn your urine into a bright luminance green color.
  • The change in your urine color can be explained by the product flushing your body of unwanted substances, however, it is still an odd effect of using this product

4 Weeks Results of Testogen

Week 1

Physical: No change. I feel the same way last week. Find it harder to train in the mornings so it will change in the evenings.

Mental: I feel very well. I can’t complain, there’s no real difference I can notice in my mental performance.

Week 2

Physical: Definitely notice a change in my strength. I usually feel more tired after a workout, but I’m recovering faster. The veins are shown in my biceps that I have never seen before.

Mental: Feeling much more alert and less tired in the mornings. I’m usually croggy before the first cup of coffee.

Week 3

Physicist: Boom. I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt. I’ve been raising 10 pounds more than I usually lift without sore aching muscles the next morning. This is amazing.

Mental: Wow, I’m actually sleeping less and doing more. My concentration has improved too, so I can focus on boring tasks with ease.

Week 4

Physicist: Holy crap, my muscles are popping up everywhere. I feel like Hulk right now, it’s never been as big or fit before. Are those my abs? I think so!

Mental: My mind is clear, the focus is a sharp laser, and creativity is at all times high. I feel so strong mentally that it’s unreal.

What makes Testogen the best

The tastes of intense fat burners that just lead to headaches or protein full pancake mixes that are stored in your cabinets-it’s time for a product that can really help you grow stronger and lose weight.

Your testosterone has given great success as we age our testosterone levels decrease. Exercise and diet can have an effect on the overall level of health and vitality you have, but stimulating higher testosterone secretion can be very difficult.

Do you have low Testosterone?

These are the unfortunate circumstances of aging.

Fortunately, Testogen has created a mix of the most powerful and powerful ingredients that have been shown to increase testosterone levels free and really amplify your overall health, vitality, strength and overall performance in the gym ( Especially when it comes to faster recovery.

A clinically developed Natural Supplement

Testogen develops clinically the term “developed clinically” has a little flexibility here

“But the idea we want you to understand is that most, if not all ingredients packed in Testogen have been included because they have proof Clinics to prove their effectiveness.”

Testogen is a Safe Product to use?

Testogen is safe to use compared to the other anabolic steroids, or even legal supplements, Testogen is completely safe and secure to use and there is no indication that this supplement will do you any harm.

Actually, you will probably gain more muscle and lose weight while you complement this product into your stack of supplements.

Security is a huge factor-which this lifestyle change you’re making is not one that you can get off for a short period of time.

In order to achieve the body, you want you must be training consistently for several months-this means that the product should be safe for the long term.

“Testogen is suitable for you as it is safe to use and highly effective.”

Some additional Benefits of Testogen

The Testogen pills allow you to get fit like a violin without completing a particular excruciating course. This supplement is a response that could isolate you from the subset, being overweight and have a negative physical point of view in the possibility that you want to use it and look after the companies that are required.

This supplement is, on the other hand, a lifestyle advancing formula. This is such a convincing course of action, to the point that there are no indications.

Additional benefits include:

  • Fully natural and organic dynamic fixations
  • Expands digestion and consumes fat faster
  • Decreases weight and gives a thin and positive appearance
  • Improves your body’s assimilation framework and speeds hunger
  • Diminishes on Food problems
  • Expanded intellectual lucidity and ability with a rise in serotonin
  • A moment of increased vitality and body strength
  • No significant side effects

A life-changing Product?

We must discuss the advantages that are really accessible from this formula. There is such a significant number of medical benefits that you can get from the supplement that you will be amazed when you’ll use it.

Here is the summary of a portion of the benefits you may receive in return:

When using Testogen you will notice that normal arrangements are typically protected for use. Helping to lose weight.

As it is without chemicals so it gives no symptoms to your well-being or your body.

This weight reduction arrangement is protected for use by everyone if you are a man or a woman.

There are numerous weight reduction supplement that are not for women. In any case, you will not confront this issue if an occurrence of the Testogen stain of food should arise.

These weight reduction supplement may even be used without consultation by a specialist.

Along these lines, you do not have to pay any expenses to the specialist to take your proposal however you can use it yourself.

Another vital motivation behind this supplement is that it is an incredible source of vitality.

Each measure of this supplement will make you significantly more enthusiastic than before.

Your focal sensory system will also be improved in view of the use of this weight reduction recipe.

What is the best way to use Testogen?

It is not necessary to insist on it in light of the fact that the use of the supplement is exceptionally basic. There is no rocket science in the using this product.

However, you need to take the doses of this product along with at least 5 ounces of water for maximum absorption of water. Another critical thing to make sure that the product is effective is to know what number of pills you need to take every day! Follow the instructions completely

  • Be sure to follow a healthy diet
  • Do not use additional substances without consulting your doctor first
  • Use an effective diet plan

According to the manufacturer of the supplement and as recommended by the specialists, you should use the Testogen cases every day.

In the event that you will take in excess of two containers and cause side effects, for example, excessive dosages can lead to stomach pain and headaches to occur.

On the other side, in the case that you use under two containers or in the possibility of you reducing your dosages, you will not be able to get the most effective results.

As a result, you have contemplated it and should be ready in the case that you have been using this formula the wrong war. Use it reliably and you will get the desired results.

How to Use Testogen

Each compartment of Testogen contains 60 capsules and is a course for a month properly.

These are used orally and easy to use. Ideally, you should take 2 in one day, one before breakfast and one before dinner with Luke’s lukewarm water.

Use it reliably to the point at the time you get necessary results.

The guidelines are as follows:

  • Use 2 pills daily, one with breakfast and one with dinner
  • Take the pills with water.
  • Use warm water to make sure you get the most out of each pill
  • Try not to take it on an empty stomach
  • In the possibility that conceivable, take each pill with 2 oz. of water to amplify the retention

A Concluding Statement

“Be assured that all Testogen ingredients have undergone thorough and rigorous reviews and tests before they are approved for public use.”

You should always aim at a natural method to increase your testosterone levels. Artificial shortcuts are never good for your health and Testogen provides you with the natural solution you require.

The unique mix of this most powerful Testosterone booster will give you all the extra strength you need, not to mention the sharpness and focus of the much healthier body.

We are talking about the components in Testogen that are totally safe and efficient to use daily.

Testogen is a fairly simple and proven effective way to restore your testosterone levels.

You are free to use up to four pills a day. It goes without saying that you can maximize the effectiveness of this supplement if you take it with the food.

Have you forgotten how to smile? How long has it been since you enjoyed your life the right way without any limitations? Probably too long.

Are you tired of feeling bad? No wonder you’re constantly tired, depressed and disappointed. There’s a natural way to change all that.

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