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This pain pisses me off! Osteochondrosis: sparing or strengthening the back?

Strangely, the problem is not solved by both variants. “Why?” Asks any physiotherapy specialist or an experienced fitnesstrainer. Many articles dedicated to this issue claim that “good muscularity” or “powerful jerking” provide a basis for the healthy backbone.

Sure, it’s much better to have the trained muscles around the back vertebra than the weak ones. But there are several questions that allow us to look at this claim from a new angle.

Reason of back pain

First, why does the backache sometimes hurt the people who make the big strides in sports? These people should not be said to have “the weak” muscles. Secondly, what should people do when the back pain is just a problem from a range of other diseases (often heart disease, vascular disease, hypertension, thrombophlebitis)? Because every intensification of the stress of a strength training can contribute to the recrudescence and aggravation? And thirdly, whether it is right at all to connect a back pain with intensity of loading which the organism receives from body exercises?

Let’s try to be smart about this problem and look at it from different angles.

Above all, it is important to know what the pain is. The matter is that back pain both a consequence of an osteochondrosis, herniated disk, diseases of back joints, inflammation in muscles and a varicose vein, tumors, and also a consequence of diseases from internal bodies (heart, kidneys etc.). Here also the illnesses can be called further, besides the pain localization can sometimes be felt by humans equal, whereby the pain reason quite differently are. So the first conclusion is: a proper disease assessment is a basis for choosing the means and methods of physical activity.

The common disease of the 21st century

One of the most common problems of the backbone, while computers and space turdism develop is osteochondrosis. The scientific works and the publications of the scholars are rich in the statistical data that the osteochondrosis has almost every human after 30 years. Not to talk about the professional athletes who want to achieve the good results and check your movement system again and again. As a result, they exchange part of their health for the medals, titles and diplomas.

Especially in the moments when a vertebra is suddenly shifted slightly, the pressure on the nerve root of the spinal cord becomes stronger. And the “creator” probably did not intend that, because every compression of the neurons by the organism is considered to be the possible danger, therefore he naturally has to defend himself reflexively. For the effective method that the human body uses to quickly restrict the movement in any joint, the pain is kept.

The slight pain is a signal that it has faltered any “detail” in the organism. The acute, yes pain is not a signal, but the information that a “detail” is soon broken. Or, what’s worse, it’s already broken. And the stronger and clearer the pain, the bigger the problems should become.

So the second conclusion is that the pain is a signal that everything is not all right in the organism.

Optimal variant

In the treatment of osteochondrosis, the best effect is achieved with the help of honey products. The most important honey product that can handle this problem is beeswax.

The pharmacological properties of beeswax are presented by its antibacterial, antifungal (antifungal), antiviral, antiphlogistic, antiblastomatose, regenerative and immunostimulating properties.

The beeswax has the distinct antiphlogistic effect, which is due to the aspirin-like effect and the antioxidant properties.

The beeswax treatment can be done alone in the musculoskeletal disorders, as well as with other honey products, phytotherapy and taking the traditional medicines together

The effective remedy is Zdorov wax cream, developed on the basis of honey products, where the main component is beeswax. In the resurgence of a disease, the Zdorov cream treats the inflammation and eliminates the pain.

НMan should not hope that the cream will completely free you from the disease. It can not rebuild the destroyed cartilage or strengthen the muscle balance of the vertebrae. Besides cream, lifestyle adjustment and physiotherapy will be necessary.

Healing cream Zdorov can be ordered here. Be healthy!

Natural Ingredients

Works against swelling and pain, has a vein-strengthening effect and supports the regression of thrombi. Contributes actively to the healing of the tissue and activates the metabolism.

Olive Oil
Natural remedy, contains large amounts of vitamins and trace elements useful for the joints, speeds up metabolism, improves the supply of the joints, absorbs well.

Cedar Resin
Strengthens the blood circulation in the vessels, inhibits inflammation. Regenerates and strengthens the joints in arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Extract from the Great Waxing Moth
Strengthens the tone of the vein walls in the vessels of the joints, making them flexible and elastic. Increases the suppleness of the synovial fluid, facilitates the gliding of the articular surfaces.

Has a regenerating and hemostatic effect.



Bee Venom
Improves blood microcirculation and relieves muscle spasms.


Bees Extract
Inhibits inflammation and pain in severe diseases of the joints, cartilage and tendons.



The preparation is supplemented with additional vitamins (for example, vitamins B1, B5 and C), which have a strengthening effect on the vein walls and promote tissue regeneration.

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How To Use Zdorov Cream

Step 1

Apply a small amount of the cream on your palm

Step 2

Apply the cream to the problem area with light massaging movements

Step 3

Apply the cream three times a day


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